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Area Rug, CleaningArea Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are often placed in high-traffic areas throughout your home and can quickly become stained or worn out. Small synthetic rugs can usually be cleaned in the washer, but rugs made from natural fibers (wool, cotton or silk) or larger synthetic rugs require professional cleaning to ensure they are not damaged.

The Steamwise team makes cleaning your area rugs easy. We pick them up from your home and then deliver them back to you once they are clean. Have a larger rug that you need help moving? Our team can move any furniture on the rug and roll it up when we come to pick it up. We’re also happy to help you set your room back up when we drop your rug off. 

Area Rug Type Rate
Synthetic $1.00 /sq.ft
Natural Fibre $1.75/sq.ft.

Savings for Multiple Services
Getting your area rugs cleaned? Have your Upholstery, Carpets or Tiles cleaned at the same time and save on your cleaning.

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