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Interior Auto Detailing

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles, tracking in dirt, snow and salt.  When we get busy, we may even eat a snack or full meal in our car, leaving behind crumbs or spilled food. All of this debris, especially the white salt used in winter, can damage your vehicle and repeated spills can cause odours.

Having your car detailed by our team of our expert technicians will eliminate any stains or odours and leave it feeling like new. 

Auto-Detailing At Your Door
At Steamwise we recognize that our customers are busy and it can be challenge to drop off your car to be cleaned. That is why our auto-detailing experts come to you. We can clean your car in your office parking lot or in your driveway, so you will never be without it.

The Steamwise interior detailing services includes: 

  • Floor & mats shampoo
  • Salt removal
  • Fabric seats shampoo
  • Leather seats treatment
  • Dash board polishing 
  • Door panels 
  • Full vacuuming, including your trunk

Auto Detailing Rates

Vehicle Rate
 5 Seater Car $129


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