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Who Has Time to Clean? Professional Cleaners, That’s Who

We’re here to let you off the hook. That’s right, hire a maid service and you’ll never need to clean the house again. Still not convinced that a cleaning service is right for you? Here are 6 more reasons you should let a team of professionals clean your home.

Better Cleaners
We are really good at our jobs. We hope you aren’t offended but chances are a team of professional cleaners are better at cleaning than you. Professional cleaners, like the team at Steamwise, go to school to learn how to properly eliminate the dust, dander and bacteria that naturally builds up in our homes. With this knowledge we are able to tell when something is truly clean.

Focus on the Job
Letting a professional clean your home guarantees the entire house will get cleaned each time they visit. Cleaners are there to do a job and won’t get distracted by family members or other items on a to-do list.

Consistent Cleaning
Can we all agree that the bathroom and kitchen are the hardest rooms to clean? Unsurprisingly, these rooms tend to be the ones that get pushed down the to-do list and never get done quite as often as they should be. Hiring a professional cleaner or maid service means that your entire home will be thoroughly cleaned on a consistent basis.

You'll be Healthier and Happier
When you hire someone to clean your home, they are going to really clean it. This means not only cleaning the obvious places, like floors and counters, but all the places we tend to forget, like door knobs and the toilet paper dispenser. Both of those items collect dust and germs, but can you remember the last time you cleaned them?

Prolonged exposure to dust, dander and bacteria can cause issues with allergies, asthmas and illness. Regular professional cleanings remove these irritants and helps to ensure better health for you and your family.

Living in a clean home is also proven to help increase productivity, decrease stress and contribute to your overall happiness.

Do What You Love
Think of all the time you will save if you don’t have to clean your house. The time you spent scrubbing toilets, cleaning floors and dusting can now be spent with friends, family members or on self-care.

Side Note from One Parent to Another
As we are sure you have noticed, kids grow up fast. One minute they are learning to walk and the next they are walking out of the house into their own homes. It’s so important to spend as much time with your family as possible. At Steamwise we clean to give you that time back.

Multiple Services
While this may not be true of all cleaning companies, at Steamwise, we offer a variety of services, from auto-detailing, to area rug cleaning to carpet cleaning. If there is another cleaning job you need done, chances are the Steamwise team can take care of it for you.

Ready to let a professional take the chore of cleaning off your to-do list or have a question about our maid services? Contact us to learn more.

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