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Carpets can provide warmth and style to any room, but you have to keep them clean. Regular professional cleanings rejuvenate your carpets by removing dust, dirt and dander, which also helps to ensure the health of your family.

Our service involves three simple steps:

  1. A pre-spray solution is applied to your carpet and begins to break up any stains
  2. We groom your carpet to fully work in the pre-spray solution
  3. Using our truck mounted industrial equipment we vacuum your carpet with boiling water to kill bacteria and fully remove any stains or dirt, leaving your carpet looking like new.

Our use of industrial equipment ensures that all of the debris we vacuum up is removed from the home and that we do not use any of your water while cleaning your carpets.

We offer disinfectants that will kill the bacteria and fungi in the padding beneath your carpets. Deep cleaning are highly recommend for:

  • New homeowners who wish to eliminate any debris or bacteria left behind by the previous owner
  • Families with small children who are crawling and playing on the floor
  • Getting rid of bacteria and odours from stains and pet accidents

Protecting Your Carpets with 3M Scotchgard
Scotchgard helps to repel liquids, making it easier for you to wipe away spills before they stain your carpets. Contact us to learn more about Scotchguarding your carpets or any other upholsteries in your home.

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Our pricing strategy allows you to do your own estimate. Our rates are applicable for the Quinte, Northumberland, Durham and Peterborough regions. If you are from an area outside of this regions please call us at 1-855-793-3131. 

Savings for Multiple Services
Having your carpets cleaned? Get your Upholstery, Area Rugs or Tiles cleaned at the same time and save on your cleaning. 

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